Adjustments to Work Schedule

There have been a number of speculations about our work schedule in the past few weeks.  The reason that we have not posted to the site about this is quite simply because it was not known what these adjustments would be.

We now know that the plant will be down for most Production on November 14 from 7 am to November 15 at 7am (Maintenance and some Production working).  Also, we will be down for most Production and possibly some Maintenance starting on November 22 at 7am and going through November 27 at 7am.

Again, it’s easy to speculate but if we can help it, we don’t want to tell people something that doesn’t happen.  If you really want to know about something, call the union hall.  The phone number is 910-822-1906.  This rings the Hall directly.  The new phone system allows for 7 phones to directly answer these calls, even if someone is already on the line.  If you call 910-822-1907 (or it goes past 6 rings on 1906), the auto attendant answers and gives you several menu’s to choose from that will connect you directly to the service or person you need. I encourage you to try it out.

I purposely try to only post information of importance on this site (and the Facebook page) because it is easy for important information to be lost in a pile of posts.

Thanks, and if you would like to see other things or have an idea, please let me know.

Robert Gantt

Financial Secretary/Webmaster

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