From the President

Hello Brothers and Sisters,                                                                                  3-22-20 3:00pm


Our Union has always been built upon the principles of Solidarity and the idea that when things get tough, we come together as a family.  Now, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory.  Because of the coronavirus we are being advised to keep our distance from our coworkers, friends, and even family.

The Union Leadership has been in discussions with the Company about shutting the plant down as quickly as possible and have been able to secure SUB pay for all bargaining unit members.

As of this writing, the projected shutdown time has moved past Tuesday evening into Wednesday.  This situation is extremely fluid, and Members are encouraged to be sure that your contact phone number and address are correct.  If you do NOT get the alerts from the Company, there is a good chance that your information is not up to date.

I also want to address the rumors in the plant.  We have not been informed of any bargaining unit member that has been confirmed to have coronavirus (covid-19). Even as such, we have been in contact with Plant and Corporate leadership and continue to voice the concerns of Members.  I want our members safe and continue to push for a quick halt to production.

Any new information will be posted as it becomes available.

My prayers go out to our Members and their Families and may God bless Local 959



In Solidarity,


Terry Brewington

President, USW Local 959

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