From the President

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The Company has informed the Union that they plan to ramp up the ticket to 23600 tires by June 15th. The exact number of members that the Company says are needed to achieve this ticket demand has changed several times since the announcement (twice in the last two days).  The majority, but not all, of our members will return in the next few weeks. Those members who continue to stay out shall receive Sub Pay if Unemployment Benefits are exhausted.

If you have questions about any of this, please call your Division Chairman or the Union Hall.

 The Easter and Memorial Day Holidays are planned to be paid out upon return. Insurance payments that are in arrears are being repaid by doubling the premium payments.

Currently, we know of five confirmed positive cases, four Goodyear employees and one contractor. Please keep the people who tested positive in your prayers and join in our hope that this pandemic may soon end with as minimal an effect upon us as possible.

These are historic times that we are in, but I know our members. USW Local 959 will continue to rise to the challenges ahead as we navigate through this together.

God Bless,

Terry Brewington

USW 959L President


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