Questions about Startup

We know that the Company has (at this time) not changed the recording on the message line so some people would think that the entire plant was coming back on the May 18. This is not so.  As it says in President Brewington’s letter, there will be partial crews, and some limited work is already going on.

You should be getting or have already have been called about this.  If you have not been called, I encourage you to call your Division Chairman.

Division Chairmen

Division 1 – Curing/FF: Jeremy Sanders, Cell 910-723-9254
Division 2 – Tire Assembly: Rodney Thompson, Cell 910-723-2417
Division 3 – Component Prep: Amaechi Umerah, Cell 910-705-0605
Division 4 – Raw Mtl / Mixing: Lee Patton, Cell 910-824-1753
Division 5 – Maintenance: Steve Crigler, Cell 910-391-9087
Division 6 – Diversified/RiteWay: Ray Blue, Cell 910-723-7311

IF the Company puts something out in writing… We will post it.

Any information that we are sure of will likewise be made available.