Sickness and Accident Benefits

Benefits will be paid because of a disabling accident, sickness, or pregnancy while under the care of a doctor licensed to practice medicine. Benefits are payable from:

  1. The first day of disability due to an accident or occupational illness.
  2. The eighth day of disability due to a non occupational sickness or pregnancy.
  3. The first day of hospital confinement prior to the eighth day.
  4. The first day on which an employee undergoes a surgical procedure for which a benefit is payable under the program, provided the employee has not worked the day of the surgery.

If you have surgery on your off day, you are entitled to sickness and accident benefits for that day and any additional days that a doctor licensed to practice medicine provides coverage.

 Life Insurance

Who is covered under your life insurance policy? Many union members are not aware that unless they are participating in the optional life insurance program that their spouses and children are not covered. The basic insurance provided for in the contract covers only the employee. You are eligible to increase your basic $55,000 life insurance in increments of $50,000 for a maximum of $250,000. Your spouse can be insured for up to $50,000 in $5,000 increments. The spouses’ insurance cannot be more than 50 percent of the employee’s coverage. Children can be insured for up to $9,000 up to age 19. If you have any questions about covering your spouse or children, call the Benefits Representative at the Union Hall at 822-1751.