Safety Rapid Response Organizing
Ronnie Sessoms (c)
Andrea Godbolt

Jennifer Medlin
Daryl Terry

Joe Smith A-crew
Ronnie Hymes B-crew

Ray Blue
Almer Butler

Antonio Lewis
Leonard Franklin
Bylaws Women of Steel Skilled Trades
Terry Brewington
Robert Gantt
Steve Bass
Andrea Welch


Kent Burns
Pete Culbreth
Tracy Hamilton
Gary Smith
Steve Crigler
Grievance and
Fair Practice Lost Time
Pres: Terry Brewington
VP:  Steve Bass
Div 1:  Jeremy Sanders
Div 2:  Rodney Thompson
Div 3:  Amaechi Umerah
Div 4:  Lee Patton
Div 5:  Steve Crigler
Div 6:  Ray Blue
Tony Townsend (c)
Aaron Faircloth
Amaechi Umerah
Rhonda Locklear
Timmy Page


Time Study Share Plan
International Policy
Robert Fermanides Ronnie Sessoms Terry Brewington, Union President
Andrea Welch
Food Service Pension and
Kim Palmer
Kenny Young
Jeff Nolan
Eddie Blanks
Andrea Welch
Kelly Smith (backup)
Jennifer Medlin

Steve Bass

Target Zero Ergonomics ICD Committee
Frank Cameron (c)
Scott Owen
Tracy Hunt 
VACANT Tony Tabor
Charlie Royal
Steve Norfleet