Divided we Fall

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Our Union has endured one of the toughest periods in our Locals history. We are facing a pandemic that has affected every member of our Local.  We’re dealing with social, economic, emotional and health challenges due to the Covid-19 virus.  We’ve had several members who needed to be hospitalized from its effects.  A few members have even reported the loss of family members from complications related to the virus. We ask that these members and their families continue to be placed in our prayers.

Due to Governor Coopers executive order that has been extended through September 14th we are still unable to hold monthly Union meetings. The executive board did meet via teleconference on 8/25/2020 to handle business including the unfortunate cancellation of our Annual Labor Day Picnic.  We simply cannot meet the Governors mandate and do any of the normal activities.

During the last several months since our members returned to work following the layoff, we have been pressured to maintain production levels despite being short of labor due to both members being affected by the virus and the labor shortages we already had.

We have had a Sub Over-payment Recovery. The Sub Fund is paid entirely by Goodyear per the negotiated Sub agreement. The Company wanted the over-payment returned but did not send the individuals involved notice of how much they were overpaid.  The Union has grieved the actions of the company. The Union’s position is that they needed to send every employee documentation with calculations for payments.

The Company has now decided to enforce a policy that puts a halt to employees wearing political attire.  The Union met with the company to stop the plans of enforcing the policy. The Union believes that respecting employees who choose to express their passions for their Religion, Culture, Country, State, Union, Politics and even their favorite sport teams was a common courtesy and should continue.

Our Union Safety team have worked hard to keep sanitary station’s stocked and keeping areas cleaned.  They are trying to keep things consistently up to CDC standards.

We continue to operate the Union Hall and Benefits office despite challenges from Covid.  The business of the Local continues to be done.

There are many problems that we are going to have to overcome to be successful today and in the coming months.  Some things we cannot foresee, but others are within our sights.  We will get through these problems, but we must remember that we are much stronger united than divided.

Solidarity Matters!

Terry Brewington

President, USW Local 959

From the President

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The Company has informed the Union that they plan to ramp up the ticket to 23600 tires by June 15th. The exact number of members that the Company says are needed to achieve this ticket demand has changed several times since the announcement (twice in the last two days).  The majority, but not all, of our members will return in the next few weeks. Those members who continue to stay out shall receive Sub Pay if Unemployment Benefits are exhausted.

If you have questions about any of this, please call your Division Chairman or the Union Hall.

 The Easter and Memorial Day Holidays are planned to be paid out upon return. Insurance payments that are in arrears are being repaid by doubling the premium payments.

Currently, we know of five confirmed positive cases, four Goodyear employees and one contractor. Please keep the people who tested positive in your prayers and join in our hope that this pandemic may soon end with as minimal an effect upon us as possible.

These are historic times that we are in, but I know our members. USW Local 959 will continue to rise to the challenges ahead as we navigate through this together.

God Bless,

Terry Brewington

USW 959L President


Questions about Startup

We know that the Company has (at this time) not changed the recording on the message line so some people would think that the entire plant was coming back on the May 18. This is not so.  As it says in President Brewington’s letter, there will be partial crews, and some limited work is already going on.

You should be getting or have already have been called about this.  If you have not been called, I encourage you to call your Division Chairman.

Division Chairmen

Division 1 – Curing/FF: Jeremy Sanders, Cell 910-723-9254
Division 2 – Tire Assembly: Rodney Thompson, Cell 910-723-2417
Division 3 – Component Prep: Amaechi Umerah, Cell 910-705-0605
Division 4 – Raw Mtl / Mixing: Lee Patton, Cell 910-824-1753
Division 5 – Maintenance: Steve Crigler, Cell 910-391-9087
Division 6 – Diversified/RiteWay: Ray Blue, Cell 910-723-7311

IF the Company puts something out in writing… We will post it.

Any information that we are sure of will likewise be made available.

A Letter From President Brewington

Hello Brother and Sisters,

This has been an historic time for our Union, our Country, and the Whole World. We have all been tested through the fear of the unknown and frustrated by the process that has controlled our lives. We have faced an enemy that no weapons, no military force, nor any amount of governmental intelligence could prevent. We have had a dedicated group of health care workers and emergency responders that have put their own health at risk to help others.

But as in past disasters this pandemic has brought out the best in our members.  I would like to recognize all of the Union Members who volunteered their time and put their own health at risk to provide guidance to members who were in need during these trying times. We have proven what a Union is all about by helping our fellow brothers and sisters.

This past Monday, May 11th several of our Union leaders were asked to meet with the Company to discuss our plants partial ramp up. We went through the Covid 19 training that is now required to enter the plant. This training followed the CDC guidelines. The Company is temporarily requiring face masks, and there have been changes to our break rooms, locker rooms, time clocks and the entrance gate. Diversified employees were asked to come in this week to clean and sanitize different areas of the plant.

Members are now being contacted to start the machines and begin producing tires.

All shifts are running with partial crews. Members that are not required to come in are able to continue with unemployment benefits. Members that have exhausted all unemployment benefits and assistance will draw SUB pay. Goodyear members that are called into work during the middle of the week, without the opportunity to make 40 hours will be paid short work week SUB pay.

The company has also announced their intent to cancel our 4th of July shut down week.

I have voiced the Union’s concerns over the reopening of our plant. We have articulated that the safety of our members is our primary concern and one person catching the Corona virus is one person too many. There has been a lot asked of our Union members and we plan to voice any concerns or issues and fight to protect every person in our USW 959 membership.

I hope our members have used their time off to spend time with their families, heal their bodies and appreciate all the blessings our Union has afforded us. I honestly believe we will survive this invisible enemy through fortitude and prayers.

Sincerely yours,


Terry Brewington

USW L959 President


Problems with Unemployment

If you are still having issues with unemployment come to the Union Hall tomorrow, Saturday April 24.

The NC Dept of Employment Security will be answering phones from 8am to around 5pm (888-737-0259) on Saturday.

If you get put on hold WAIT. We are routinely waiting 3 to 4 hours on hold.  Talking directly to them  is the ONLY way to fix problems with your claim.

We will try to help you with your  problems.


Weekly Unemployment Certification

This is information from the North Carolina Division of Employment Security on how to file your weekly certification:

Click the link below

weekly certification

Here is their phone number:

Customer Call Center

Individuals and claimants should contact the Customer Call Center with questions regarding benefits and assistance with unemployment insurance claims, sign in or password resets.

Phone: 888-737-0259 (Do not call if you are an employer. This is for claimants only).

Fax: 919-857-1296

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.