Message From The Local

We are still awaiting a Fair Contract Agreement! While your negotiation committee continues talks with the Company, we ask you to stay safe and focused when working.

Should the time come, and work must be ceased, anyone who is not working, please feel free to come and support our union brothers and sisters exiting the plant.

Picket duty will begin Saturday at 4:00 am. We ask ALL of D Crew, departments 330, 340, 430, and 435, to picket from 4:00 am until 7:00 am and resume the regular picketing according to the posted picket duty assignments.

Parking: Please consider carpooling with one another from the union hall over to the picket lines.

If you park by the plant, park PAST the SUB station. Do not Park along the road from Ramsey St to the entrance. This area is reserved for safe picketing only.


  1. Just wanna know cause I’m a little confused we still are reporting for work on Saturday evening or not


    1. As of this moment, 6:40 am on Saturday July 30th, you should be prepared for work. WHEN INFORMATION COMES OUT, IT WILL BE POSTED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE OR THE TEXT MESSAGE SERVICE.


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