Day: July 30, 2022

Still Working For An Agreement

Thank you ALL for yesterday’s support. An overwhelming number of active and retired members came to support our brothers and sisters exiting the plant, showing great strength and solidarity within Local 959.

We are working under a 24-hour rolling extension. A notice was given at the time of the agreed extension. The deadline is now set for 6:00 pm today.

Continue working safely and standing strong. Oncoming shift should be prepared to work unless a strike is called.

If a strike is called, we will be picketing ONLY at the designated picket area, from the entrance to the stop light. Do not cross over onto Goodyear’s property.

Parking: Please consider carpooling with one another from the union hall over to the picket line.
If you park by the plant, park PAST the SUB station. Do not Park along the road from Ramsey St to the entrance. This reserved area is for safe picketing only. Do not block any gates.